Our expertise in cutting edge technology is highlighted by our pragmatic and effective training proposition

Encompassing expertise in technologies, tools and processes in software development and delivery, our consultants call upon their substantial real-world experience and empathy to provide a unique learning experience. Our flexible delivery methods meet the students’ needs and accommodate the goals of the organisation.

These are our approaches; to discuss your own specific requirements in confidence, please contact us.

Architecture & Technical Appreciation

Senior staff members recognise the potential offered by emerging technologies and approaches but often have scarce time to devote to broadening their knowledge. These intensive one-day workshops focus on how to satisfy real-world business requirements and delivery challenges.

  • Business-focused
  • Applied to the delegates’ projects and challenges

Technical Development

Rigorous two-day subject-focused courses; a deep dive for application developers seeking a detailed and rapid understanding on exciting new technologies. Working with an attentive OpenCredo subject expert, the delegates receive a strong grounding in these complex subjects with detailed presentations, lively discussions and relevant labs.

  • Intensive, whilst being realistically paced
  • Led by experienced consultant
  • A fast-track to adopting a new technology

Agile Testing and Agile Course

As more and more organisations migrate to agile development, the role of the tester is under increased pressure to evolve in order to support more fluid product delivery.

This Agile course consists of a number of modules designed to give your test team everything they need to integrate into all phases of the software delivery life-cycle.

  • Teaches core concepts of agile testing
  • Highlights the importance of automation and continuous delivery
  • Introduces behaviour driven development
  • Practical examples and workshops with an experienced automation consultant

Custom Training Workshops

The quick-start understanding across an eclectic mix of technologies, satisfying the exacting requirements of the modern software development team. Your choice of modules on a mix of subjects delivers understanding and knowledge that matches the teams’ development technology stack.

  • Highly focused, rather than broad-approach on each subject
  • Can be pitched to satisfy beginners, or the bar raised for highly experienced developers