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  • OpenCredo are experts with Terraform Providers - whether a greenfield build from scratch or enhancements to an existing provider, we are a trusted development partner to all types of cloud vendor and one of only four Hashicorp approved Terraform development agencies worldwide.
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Terraform Provider

Terraform from Hashicorp is fast becoming the de-facto tool for provisioning public cloud resources. With a pluggable provider system and hundreds of verified providers already available across the full range of cloud services, it’s time to get in on the game.For businesses providing ‘as-a-Service’ (i.e. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) resources to clients, a Terraform Provider makes these resources available to provision through the market-leading Terraform tool – removing barriers to adoption and integrating your resources into organisation’s infrastructure-as-code workflows. In turn, this reduces friction in the decision-making process and can expand your market reach.How we can help:End-to-end Terraform Provider DevelopmentEnhancements to existing Terraform ProvidersConsultancy, Review and Audit

Our Approach
We approach these projects via our Discovery and Delivery phases. First, we perform a thorough review of your service and the resources you offer, laying the foundation for the Terraform provider interface – which resources can be provisioned through Terraform and what configuration options are available. Once a clear understanding of this is established, we deliver a proof-of-concept to demonstrate how the provider would work, followed by iterative cycles to extend and optimise the provider towards production-readiness.


Topics Covered

Increase ease of adoption

Don’t develop a bespoke tool which requires insider knowledge and specialist skills to operate: create a Terraform provider which aligns your provisioning process with other complementary cloud resources and makes it easier for engineers to incorporate into their automation pipelines.

Reduce market friction

With continued adoption by many organisations, Terraform is now the market-leading tool for managing cloud infrastructure. Having a custom Provider will onboard you to the platform and reduce friction to the adoption of your services – enabling expansion of your market reach.

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"At DigitalOcean, we were able to leverage OpenCredo’s deep knowledge of open source cloud infrastructure tooling to level-up our Terraform provider. Their team’s expertise helped us to quickly deliver value to our users"
Andrew Starr Bochicchio

Product Manager

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"Neo4j is an obvious solution for a network problem. It manages risk on the client side, and makes processes more efficient"
Project Manager


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" I highly recommend OpenCredo for their outstanding partnership in helping us accelerate and deliver our platform engineering improvement initiative. The team hit the ground running and consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic. OpenCredo's professionalism, deep cloud-native skills and insightful recommendations helped ensure our platform was aligned with modern standards yet also tailored to fit within our unique engineering context."
Julian Austin

Head / Lead Software Engineering & Agile Transformation Department

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"OpenCredo helped us integrate that data, seamlessly flow it into our data visualisation tool, and deal with a massive amount of data duplication issues. The experience of working with OpenCredo couldn’t have been better – they were highly professional, organised, and supremely competent in delivering this work to us.”
Luke Hartig

Executive Director

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