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Data is the new currency. We can help you unlock its hidden potential and turn it into real business value.

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Thrive in today’s data driven world

Seasoned in various disciplines, we combine data specific expertise with extensive software and Platform Engineering experience. So whether you're a startup or enterprise, we can partner with you to deliver secure and reliable data solutions, tailored to meet your unique business needs.

For several years, we've championed the move towards self-service data consumption models. We blend cloud native and OSS data components into cohesive yet sustainable data platform offerings.

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"OpenCredo's collaboration was transformative for Livy AI. Their creative vision, engineering excellence, and seamless communication elevated our project, making them the ideal partner for turning innovative ideas into reality"

Jonathan Browne


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"OpenCredo helped us integrate that data, seamlessly flow it into our data visualization tool, and deal with a massive amount of data duplication issues. The experience of working with OpenCredo couldn’t have been better – they were highly professional, organized, and supremely competent in delivering this work to us."

Luke Hartig

Executive Director

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"Since we’re a data platform provider, it’s essential we are perceived as best in class for CSR and compliance. Average would never be good enough. We wanted to move to the next level and offer Big Data services."      

José Copovi-King

 Director of Products and Services


What are you wrestling with?

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Cannot get data releases out without engaging several teams

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Data is unreliable in production

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Restating of data/fixing data breaks takes a very long time, or is opaque

No chargeback model for the users of data (attributed back to the users of that data)

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Cannot fix or explain the data (and its lineage)

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No data cataloguing or mechanism for people to discover the data in the estate



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Strategy and Architecture

Data centric architecture & design; Technology assessments & advice; Evolving towards Data-as-a-Product (Data Mesh).

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Data Engineering

Design and delivery of end -to-end data driven systems; Automate data workflows gaining scale and reliability; robust data operations using proven tech & platforms.

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Insights & Intelligence

Explore & understand your data through tailored data analysis: integrating and leveraging ML, AI and statistical models.

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