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OpenCredo- Conference Talk: Maturing your Platform Engineering Initiative
Platform Con 2024: Maturing your Platform Engineering Initiative

Watch this latest talk from our CEO/CTO Nicki Watt at PlatformCon 2024 where she explores how organisations can use the CNCF platform maturity model to achieve an improved platform engineering setup

PlatformCon 2024 Panel: Platform Engineering Best Practices

Watch this latest panel from PlatformCon 2024 where our CEO/CTO Nicki Watt joins other industry leaders to discuss the latest Platform Engineering trends and key highlights from the week.

OpenCredo:- Talk: Nicki Watt , To K8s and beyond , Maturing your Platform Engineering
To K8S and Beyond: Maturing Your Platform Engineering Initiative

Watch the recording of our CEO/CTO Nicki Watt from Platform Engineering Day Europe where she explores how the recently released CNCF platform maturity model can be used as part of a toolbox to help guide organisations think through such journeys.

The 12 Factor App For Data

Watch the recording of our Technical Delivery Director, James Bowkett from the GOTO Copenhagen 2023 conference for his talk ‘The 12 Factor App For Data’



Sep 2024

SRE Day - September 2024

London, UK
We are excited announce our CEO/CTO Nicki Watt will be speaking at SRE Day 2024!

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