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Get the most out of your cloud estate and empower your teams to deliver faster, smarter - better.

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Streamline the path for your cloud estate

Our teams are well-versed in the best practices for dealing with complex cloud estates and know how get the most out of them. Your cloud estate needs to be lean enough to keep a lid on costs; monitored enough to ensure it's secure and automated enough to allow your teams to self-govern and self-serve to deliver features safer and quicker.

We can help you tame your cloud estates, bringing the right architecture, security and governance to empower your teams to deliver faster, smarter and safer.

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"it was important for us to choose a partner with a deep understanding of Terraform and other Hashicorp products. Thanks to OpenCredo we are now listed as a verified Terraform provider. Cooperation with OpenCredo and their team of highly skilled professionals has been a pleasure so far.”

Juha-Pekka Järvenpää

Head of Product

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"Multi-cloud is becoming the de facto cloud model in the enterprise, so delivering a Skytap Cloud integration with Hashicorp Terraform gives our customers a strong option for managing Skytap Cloud workloads alongside other cloud providers. OpenCredo was a logical choice for our integration work due to their experience and credibility in the Terraform ecosystem. OpenCredo delivered in full, from evolving our GoLang SDK to the final Skytap provider, which is now publicly available in GitHub."

Hamish Hill

Sr Technical Product Marketing Manager

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"In this 4 day weekend (Black Friday) we take 6% of our annual turnover and have 6x our average peak traffic; OpenCredo worked with us to completely overhaul our infrastructure including a complete migration to a container based solution running on AWS. This could not have gone smoother, and when others failed we had a great weekend."

Director of Engineering



What are you wrestling with?

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Drowning in complexity, lots of moving pieces

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Costs spiralling out of control

Not able to attribute costs to the correct team/workload that generated it

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Not able to count carbon emissions correctly, i.e. not able to do ESG reporting correctly

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Not able to replicate environments or spin up identical environments

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Weak, disparate, disjointed, uneven, inconsistent security posture (which is inherently insecure)



Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Tame the complexity of the Cloud Native toolset to focus on what you need to deliver robust and operable systems

Microservices & Serverless

Design and build effective distributed systems and development leveraging cloud platforms, event-driven architecture and data streaming

Strategy & Transformation

Review, plan and understand the path and steps needed to transform your organisation to leverage the cloud native approach including monolith to microservice transformations

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