Five years of Team Topologies: Reflections and predictions for the future (Recording)

Nicki Watt
May 21, 2024
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Watch the recording of our CEO/CTO, Nicki Watt, along with other panelists as they discuss reflections and predictions for the future of Team Topologies.

Our CEO/CTO Nicki Watt recently participated in a panel discussion joined by Manuel Pais, Luca Galante (Platform Engineering), Paul Ingles (Uswitch), and Torill Iversen (NAV) where they discuss:

  • Team Topologies impact on the platform engineering movement
  • Success stories of the approach
  • Obstacles practitioners came across when implementing
  • What they learned since 2019
  • New challenges that have emerged since (topics for a second edition?)
  • What the future holds

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Platform Engineering
Nicki Watt
CEO/CTO at OpenCredo

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