Watch 'Elastic Analytics with Spark, Mesos and Docker'

Bart Spaans
May 13, 2015
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Listen to Brenden Matthews discuss Elastic Analytics with Spark, Mesos and Docker as filmed at the most recent London Mesos User Group Meetup.I

n this talk, Brenden Matthews discusses how he provided elastic analytics to Airbnb and how the Mesosphere DCOS can easily bring the same type of infrastructure to your own environments.

A talk by Brenden Matthews

Watch Brenden host a live demo, showing how to run analytics with Chronos, Spark, and Storm on Mesos, using Docker and HDFS on the Mesosphere DCOS and how the DCOS can greatly simplify elastic operations, including cluster provisioning, resizing, and service management.

Who is Brenden Matthews?

Brenden Matthews is a Systems Architect on the customer happiness team at Mesosphere. He ensures technical goals are aligned with customer needs. Previously, he was a software engineer at Airbnb, running Airbnb’s analytics stack. He is an Apache Mesos contributor, the primary maintainer for Chronos, Storm, and Hadoop on Mesos, and has contributed to related frameworks such as Spark and Marathon. He has given talks about Mesos at QCon, MesosCon, Twitter, and Ericsson.

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