Devoxx UK 2022 - The Zen School of Github Actions

Jonathon Ruckwood
June 1, 2022
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Watch the talk 'The Zen School of Github Actions' by our Lead Consultant, Jonathan Ruckwood from Devoxx UK 2022

The Zen School of Github Actions - Jonathan Ruckwood

GitHub Actions is becoming increasingly popular. With its deep integration with GitHub and its thriving ecosystem, it is understandable why Actions is becoming the go-to solution for continuous integration and continuous delivery for GitHub users around the world.

In this talk, Jon shares his real-world experience with Github Actions, providing insights into the good, the bad, and things you won't find anywhere else.If you are just starting out with GitHub Actions and need some top tips, then this video recording is for you!

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Jonathon Ruckwood
Consultant at OpenCredo

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