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We're a hands-on software consultancy backed by a team of experts with decades worth of experience in various industries. Combining our extensive skills in Data, Cloud and Platform Engineering, we work alongside you to deliver tailored solutions that are reliable, secure and scalable.

Our real-world experience in navigating complex socio-technical challenges gives us the edge to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls and achieve your unique goals.


Hands-on software consultancy & delivery

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Platform Engineering

Elevate your organisation's strategy and delivery capabilities with our Platform Engineering expertise. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, we can help you scale development teams, boost productivity, and enhance security and compliance.

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Data Solutions

We help you turn your data into valuable business insights. From advising on data centric architecture & designs, building end-to-end data driven systems or leveraging AI and Machine Learning   Engineering, our team of consultants can help you accelerate your data driven initiatives.

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Cloud Native

Cloud computing is ever-present but it's getting trickier. Our team knows how to make the most out of your cloud setup, keeping it cost-effective, secure, and easy for your crew to handle.
Let's team up and get your cloud estate running smoother, faster, and safer than ever before.

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PlatformCon 2024

Watch this latest talk from our CEO/CTO Nicki Watt at PlatformCon 2024 where she explores how organisations can use the CNCF platform maturity model to achieve an improved Platform Engineering setup.

OpenCredo- Conference Talk: Maturing your Platform Engineering Initiative

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