An excerpt from new book, ‘Neo4J in Action‘, authored by OpenCredo consultants Jonas Partner, Aleksa Vukotic, and Nicki Watt is now available to view on DZone.

With the continued upward trend of more and more data being stored in NoSQL based databases, having a library which makes it easy to deal with this data, yet still retaining the ability to continue using your rich existing domain models can be very handy. In this article, an excerpt taken from chapter 8 of the book Neo4j in Action, we use a social network domain model to provide a practical example of how to do simple domain modelling with Spring Data Neo4j (SDN). SDN is a Java based object graph mapping (OGM) library geared towards providing you with a simple and convenient way of using rich POJO (plain old java object) based domain models, with data backed by a trusty Neo4j graph database.

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Jonas Partner

Jonas Partner, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer directing OpenCredo’s service delivery in consultancy. Jonas is a practitioner of agile development processes and is a contributor to the Spring Integration project. He is extremely active committing to a range of open source projects and is the author of Spring Integration in Action, along with Neo4J in Action. With his exceptional background in application development, Jonas has established a strong technology practice at OpenCredo; mentoring the technical team with his communicative and informed manner. Prior to OpenCredo, Jonas was an early member of the elite consultancy teams at Java framework innovators SpringSource. At SpringSource Jonas completed a wide range of consulting and training engagements across the UK and Europe, specialising in high complexity and a particular interest in machine learning and performance and scalability of highly concurrent enterprise systems.

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