Big Data, NoSQL and Real-time Analytics

Advice on your Big Data strategy from our team of experienced Open Source Software consultants: Working with leading NoSQL and analytics technology partners ensures the delivery of a highly adaptable and open solution.

Architecting and Building for the Cloud

We apply deep technical expertise across a broad range of Cloud and development technologies to help you deploy crystal clear, cost-effective Cloud solutions that maintain portability and flexibility.

Continuous Delivery and Dev-Ops

Optimise your entire development lifecycle to be minimised, with lower cost, and higher quality as standard. We are experts in DevOps, Test Automation, Behaviour Driven Development and Performance Testing.

Test Automation

Automating tests during development means that problems are caught earlier and can be dealt with more easily. We focus on identifying and attacking specific problems to improve software delivery which results in an efficient test automation implementation.

Open Source Digital Platform

We will advise you on developing an Executable Architecture comprising best in class open solutions, to deliver an Open Source Digital Platform that will adapt and expand easily as your digital strategy evolves.